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Did you know...?

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, health and fitness apps were downloaded 656 million times worldwide, a 47% increase from the same period in 2019.

The mobile fitness app market is expected to grow to $4.1 billion in 2021.

In the US, there were 87.4 million fitness app users in 2020, a 39% increase from 2018.

Fitness app users are loyal to their apps. 96% use only one app.

to Get Your Own App

Considering developing an app from scratch?

It’s not as easy as you think. Prepare to spend countless hours hiring and managing software engineers and graphic designers instead of devoting time to revenue generating activities like content and branding.

Effective leaders know that outsourcing is the key to adapting in an industry that changes every day. And that’s why we’re here. We take care of the tech while you continue doing what you do best — sharing your story and expertise.

GymCloud Partnerships include all our standard features plus:

Custom Branding & Integrations

Our technology, your branding, so your brand can have its very own app — without the work (and expense) of building one from scratch

Payment Processing & Analytics Reporting

Process payments, track, measure, and analyze KPIs so you can make the most informed decisions possible to increase profit

Content Management & Distribution

Use premium content to boost the engagement, retention, and lifetime value of clients, members, and staff

App Updates & Maintenance

We ensure your app is bug free and the software is updated regularly with new features, without the time, headache, or expenses of managing it yourself.

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How Does It Work?

We partner with fitness leaders to make the process simple, cost-effective, and fast. Our partnerships focus on 3 things.

  • Monetization strategy
  • Fitness program design
  • Taking your app to market

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Schedule your 10-min introduction call now

Schedule your 10-min introduction call now